Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is solar energy expensive?
    Expenditures on solar energy are not so big in comparison with expenses on traditional sources of energy. At present, the prices are not so high no matter what option you choose. It is not so hard to go solar, and all can afford that.
  • How is my house going to look with solar panels on it?
    The house will have a fantastic look. The solar panels produced by our company feature modern and nice design, which seamlessly suits the design of the house. It is classic and that means that it is always in fashion.
  • How do solar panels function?
    Solar power can be accumulated in the panels, which direct power via wires, and when it reaches the inverter, the process of conversion to electricity begins. Just at this moment it starts to provide your household with energy. Excessive power is not wasted but remains in the electricity grid and is stored there to be used when needed.
  • How does use of solar panels can affect the environment? What should people do about it? Would you, please, name a few benefits of this source of power?
    The solar energy affects the environment much and its influence is big. It is equal to the following figures: in average, the system of power system can compensate 178 tons in CO2 within 30 years. It is just about the same when people avoid going 390,300 miles by car, plant 10 football fields with trees or remove 174,907 pounds of burned coal. We can continue this list further but the main idea is clear – solar system enhances the environment.
  • What happens when customers want to put their house with installed solar power system on sale?
    This is not a problem. If you decide to change your place of living, we can easily transfer its solar power system to another place.

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